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Life Chez Dee Episode #111: Some notable happenings of late

I needed to write something this week, if only to journal some of the notable happenings of late.

Oliver has been back to school, and is now off school again for the Easter holidays. He was glad to go back to school, to see his friends again, even though he hasn’t really missed their company much, given they chat together daily whilst gaming. He’s had far too much gaming time quite honestly, but with not seeing his friends in person, this is where the playground banter has taken place … and it has actually been rather lovely to hear the shouting, and screaming, giggling and laughing. He hasn’t missed out on friendships a jot, but I know he was pleased to be able to see his friends face to face. He has regaled many classroom tales to us, of all those who cause an inordinate amount of disruption, and of all the playground troubles of footballs over the fence, and the tantrums and fighting of those who consistently cause trouble, all the usual back to school stuff going on, and all the stuff which hasn’t caused any distractions and interruptions for him whilst at home, but the stuff which he needs to experience before heading to high school in a couple of years I suppose.

William has also been back at college, and he too is now out again for the Easter break. He really has been glad to be back. He’s really missed face to face lessons, and works far better, and is better motivated when he’s physically in college. Of course he’s missed the chat and the banter with his friends in class, at lunchtimes and on the bus journey to and from college. He’s now got the lateral flow kits to do covid testing on himself at home … not that he’s remembered to do this, and he’s now missed doing four tests, and counting.

I’ve been trying to find time each day to pause and reflect, and listen to a thought or reading, as part of my action plan for the Lent course I’m on. The thought which jumped out at me and has stayed with me this week was to be mindful of how my actions affect others. I was reminded of this when my action, or rather my inaction, affected Oliver. His tooth fell out the other day, but the tooth fairy forgot to come. I felt awful when he came to me and said that the tooth fairy hadn’t been and he wondered if this was because it ended up in his bed and he was lying on it. I thought about it for quite some time and decided that he was probably of an age to find out the truth about this. I remember breaking the news to Edward the summer after he was 10. Oliver is now the same age and I figured that he could handle the truth. I told him that I knew why the tooth fairy hadn’t been, it wasn’t because he was lying on the tooth, it was because she forgot. He twigged immediately of course, and subsequently went on to ask about FC too. I digress with this story, but it was an example of being mindful of the consequences to my actions.

I’ve now been on the Covid testing team at the High School since January. From the beginning of March we began Mass Testing. It has been so nice seeing all of Edward’s friends when we were testing the Y10s, and although many didn’t recognise me, probably because not only was I out of context, but also buried under PPE, it was lovely to see them all the same. By the time they were in for their second test, many were smiling and waving at me, and it was really lovely. I still imagine Edward growing with them, and I still think of this year group as Edward’s year.

Being part of this has been great. It’s a lovely team and we have all got along really well, with the banter and laughs increasing as the weeks have progressed. Much as I like my own company, it has been really nice to be able to go out and meet up with and chat with others, and of course I’ve been grateful for this bit of casual work to give me a bit of pocket money.

Testing has taken place in school now since the beginning of January. This is only asymptomatic testing, but to date we have only seen one positive case which is testament to the way the school has adapted to keeping in bubbles, social distancing and sanitising. I have made some lovely friends, and I've listened to, and sang along to, more music and songs than I have in a long time. I will really miss being a part of this team … my covid testing family.

I’ve now been called for, and had, my first Covid vaccination. I had the Astra Zeneca jab, and as seems to be the case for many (more than 1 in 10 it says in the info) I didn’t feel so great afterwards. Muscle aches, joint pain, chills, and fatigue plagued me for two days afterwards, and I got through a fair few pills on those days. My arm is really sore too, it isn’t aching, but it is painful, with plenty of heat still at the injection site too. I’m so glad I’ve had this jab though, and my second has already been booked in for June … and at this rate I’ll likely have had my second before Justin gets his first!

The time came round yet again for completing the census. We filled in William’s details, being thankful that the census didn’t fall next year, as there would be so much more to complete for him if he were away at University. Ten years ago when we completed the census, we had three children, today we have two. Just writing that down officially has been hard.

When I began my writing journey, never did I imagine that I would be able to write so much. I thought I’d be writing a few things and then I’d likely run out of steam. This couldn’t be further from the truth though. My writing is everything to me. It has kept me occupied and engaged, it has kept me sane, and I’ve loved every minute of me time with my thoughts and words. Never, did I imagine that I would get to 100 published pieces! I’m now several pieces past that 100th blog milestone, but today a lovely friend turned up on my doorstep with a card and a gift to mark the occasion. I’m blown away quite honestly, that someone thought about this and its significance to me.

This friend is always there. Always. To have a friend who is always there is really something, one who is there not only for the celebrations and good times, but one who has been my rock through the lowest and darkest times in my life. Today was no different; it was another day she shared with me. Thank you Laura for everything you are; you are a truly special friend.

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