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Life Chez Dee Episode #44: Words and songs

I love songs. Always have. I love all manner of songs, some modern, many old, pop, jazz, folk, from musicals, even from children’s songs and nursery rhymes. I love the words. The words, and the tunes, stick with me. I pick the words up really easily too. Justin is good at remembering a tune, but I remember both the tune and the words, I really listen to the words, that's what grabs me and decides my liking or non liking.

So often, when I’m in conversation, the words from a song appear to me, they pop into my head, resonating with what I’m saying or thinking at that particular moment. In quizzes I’ve been known to come up with the answer from my recollection of song words, a plethora of which are forever in my head, which not only fit into what I'm doing, but have also given me a wealth of general knowledge.

Just this evening it comes up in conversation that William is reading Plutarch. Flippin heck … that’s way beyond my level of reading. To be honest I hadn’t even heard of him, except in a song. Yes, I even know a song which refers to Plutarch. The song I reference is from “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers”, a song about the Sabine Women … the musical William suggests should be banned as it condones the kidnapping of women! I have to say I don’t view any of these old films this way, there are likely loads which are racist, sexist, ageist, and all the rest, but I just take them on face value for the costumes, sets, story, music and song.

So when watching “Who wants to be a millionaire” I know that Baltimore is the most southern of the four cities named as I know the song “Little Liza Jane”.

I break into song as I’m out and about, when I’m in the car, when I’m faffing around the house, when I’m in conversation, when I’m thinking about things which I need to plan. So many random and rare songs do I know the words to that I could almost lay down a challenge for people to suggest random things and I’d probably be able to come up with a song I know about that subject. Indeed, I put this theory to the test with William this evening. He said what about the circumference of a circle ... I did admit that I couldn't think of anything for that, the only song which kept popping into my head was "Circle of Life". Then he mentioned a subject to me ... and I can't for the life of me even remember what he said ... I'd not heard of it anyway ... I did say he was too clever for me! ... I can't think of a song about something I've not even heard of, or even understand I said. So he comes up with "algebra"! Yes! Of course I know a song about algebra ... Sam Cooke "What a Wonderful World"! "There you go" I say, with a rather smug look on my face, "bet you didn't think I could come up with a song for that!"

Musicals have always drawn me in – I love the romance and idealism of them – and for some of my favourites I will not only know the words to the songs, but I will also know the script of the film too … Calamity Jane, My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music, West Side Story, Thoroughly Modern Millie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Oliver, High Society, Can Can, Singin' in the Rain … I could go on.

William is not at all amused by my musings or my singing such lyrics at all. He’s far too highbrow for all that, or that's the impression he gives anyway! I imagine when he’s amongst his highly intelligent friends sitting around in Oxford, that he’ll really be non too pleased with his mum’s general knowledge coming from song words. Well I’m afraid that’s just me.

New Years’ Eve we spent with our neighbours, and I was introduced to Karaoke. Never in a million years did I think I would enjoy this. Yes I love songs, and yes I love singing, but I never thought I’d love to stand up and sing along for all to hear, into a microphone too! But I loved it. I really loved it … the several drinks that I’d had previous to my “turn” probably helped as by the time Karaoke happened we were all well oiled I have to say … it probably sounded dreadful, but none of us were sober enough to care! Lol x Can’t wait though to have another go, and I really didn’t ever think I’d say that.

So music is well and truly in me. I may not be as talented as my children when it comes to playing an instrument, but I can hold a tune. I did once learn to play an instrument … I reached Grade III on my clarinet, but haven’t played for more than thirty years! I even took o’ level music … such a shame really that I never pursued any of my music, but my love of music, and my love of song continues. I think the words are special to me, as I love words too. I love reading poems, and sayings, and beautiful narratives, I’ve always read and analysed words, even if only to myself, and my love of words has lead me to writing and caused me to follow the spark which was ignited within me to pursue this newly found hobby, and for which I’m told I have a flair.

Never did I ever imagine that at almost 50 I’d have found myself a new hobby which I’m loving, and which I think has always been deep within me but I’ve only just noticed and unleashed my creativity.

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